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Red Apple Internet Browser!

Red Apple is a VB.Net browser that surfs the web like any other browser out there!

Red Apple features and details are below, but if you want to download now you can!

Red Apple Features

This video does not reflect on newer versions of Red Apple

Main Features of why you should try Red Apple!
  Search Engines

Red Apple contains many search engines including Bing, Google, Yahoo, and many more! Want to search on or, go ahead! Red Apple gives you many options to where and how you want to search.


Red Apple has many tools that help you customize your experiance. With bookmarks and history you will never forget your favorite websites and be able to go back and find ones that you have visited. Red Apple also contains many other tools like a menu changer that changes the look and HTML Source viewer to name a few.


Red Apple has many programs within itself that can be stand alone software, but we decided to include them into Red Apple. One great program within Red Apple is our Media File + that plays mostly any media file! Red Apple also has Photo Viewer +, Note +, and more, including other programs that can be downloaded.


Red Apple has many social site links coded in with the menu bar! Want to go to you favorite social site now? Well with one click you can visit your favorite social sites. We have included Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Tumblr, Pintrest, and more! We will add more sites to this list as soon as possible.


Red Apple has many more features that we want you to experiance for yourself, but here are some last things we want to tell you. Red Apple contains a Capture Software that can take pictures of your desktop. Red Apple also gets updated many times and it tells you when you should update.

Jacob Brookhouse

Red Apple Developer

Hello and welcome to Red Apple's launch site. My name is Jacob Brookhouse, I'm the developer of Red Apple and other programs. I'm also the founder of the Dominion Studios. We make programs, games, and websites!


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Please Note!

Red Apple is updated many times. This page is for a base version of Red Apple. When you download Red Apple and run it, Red Apple will ask to update to a newer version for the latest updated version. You will need to do this task to successfully install and maintain stability with Red Apple! To do this, install Red Apple from this page and run the installer after downloading. When it is done installing run Red Apple, you will then be prompted to update Red Apple. To do this step correctly please listen carefully. 1. Download the update and wait until it is downloaded. 2. When it is downloaded click run to install, if you have a good anti-virus software like Avast it will scan it and pass as safe, but if not wait until it opens and asks you to continue. 3. Before proceeding through the patcher please close down all instances of Red Apple, this will prevent you to have to restart your machine, since the update is replacing Red Apple.exe while it is running, that's why it would need to restart, so close Red Apple before installing the patch. After that open up Red Apple and you will then have the latest version up and running!

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